We're restoring our BMW E30

But... why?

Not too long ago, we went drifting over at Bologna with our E30, but we soon began to notice some overheating issues and water leaks. As a result, we ended up parking it at our shop and it remained there for quite a while, just picking up dust. It’s been on our minds for the whole time, and we really wanted to fix it, restore it to its former glory and hoon it down the street.. but sadly, we just did not have time due to all of the drift events and work we had to handle. Finally, however, cold season has arrived, and, ironically, we have much more free time to work on this thing.

The start of the jobs..

Remove the front suspension

Check on the dampers

Removing the engine..

Take the headers off

Boom baby

Lift that son of a gun

Transmission check...

Clean up

Dead batteries

Take the flywheel out too